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60-minute Akashic Record Reading

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How will I benefit of an Akashic Record Reading?

This empowering 60-minute Akashic Record Reading can be especially good for you when you:

✓ Are at a crossroads in your life
✓ Are in a moment of transition
✓ Need clarity around a situation or area of your life
✓ Need to make an important life decision
✓ Need confirmation
✓ Need direction

This is for you when you simply are at a moment where a fresh perspective on where you are, where you come from and where you are going could empower and inspire you.

An Akashic Record Reading is a wonderful tool to align your decisions and actions based on your soul’s calling and purpose.

Other insights include:

Clarity: Understand why you encounter the same “people” or “events” over and over. Get the knowledge you need to break the cycle and transform your life.

♥ Change: Gain a deep understanding of your life’s journey, what are your main life lessons, why they are important and how do they influence your choices today.


♥ Core: Find out who you are at the core and how to rediscover your purposeful path. You will understand what is your foundational karmic path and how it impacted your life.


 Choices: Learn that you have more choices available than you think you do with a given situation or circumstance.

♥ Causes: Why did you live through what you did, learn about how past lifetime experiences may relate to this one. Dig into the root causes of recurring issues in your life.


♥ Empowerment: When you are clear on what you want and why you want it, your feel stronger and can commit to what comes next.

You will come away feeling alive and more connected to your essence than ever before, with a feeling of possibility and expansion in your life. 


By clicking the button above you will be re-directed

to book your reading & make your payment. 

Investment $497



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