Watch Astral City by Chico Xavier”

I invite you to watch Astral City by one of the world’s greatest mediums and one of the most influential Brazilians from the 20th century. His life is fascinating in many ways, one of which is that he published more than 400 fully channeled books in 33, including 30 books in Braille, giving all of his profits to charity. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He passed on June 30th, 2002 while the Brazilians were winning the Soccer World Cup at the age of 92.

The movie Astral City, in Portuguese with English subtitles, depicts how the Earthly Plane interfaces with the Astral Plane, and is fully channeled by Chico Xavier through one of his spirit guides, Andre Luis.

This movie used to be available free on YouTube. Unfortunately, now it no longer is available for free. Below you can see a preview and in case you want to watch it you can rent it via this link.

After watching Astral City, sit quietly and journal about any thoughts that come up, new awarenesses and “aha’s”.

Bonus points for watching Chico Xavier’s life’s documentary (below).