“Call in YOUR Love”

Quantum Leap Your Life

What are the benefits of working with me in this program?

“Call in YOUR Love” is an intense journey into self-love as you recognize and embrace your sacred feminine essence. This 90-day program is a deep dive to tap into your uniqueness and magnetizing your soulmate from this new truth.

Some of the benefits you will have as you bloom into your radiance are:

♥ Connect your heart with your mind knowing that you are more than enough.

♥ Let go of the fear of being in a soulful relationship

♥ Connect with your inner compass so you can manifest your vision of love and success

♥ Claim your birthright worth and give yourself permission to love yourself and be loved

♥ Heal hidden issues uncovering limiting self beliefs

♥ Let go feelings of unworthiness embracing your sacred feminine

♥ Identify and overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back from being uniquely you

♥ Harmonize mind-body and soul as you heal emotional & physical DIS-EASE

♥ Find balance in standing in your personal power as the loving Queen that you are

♥ Receive Love, Support, Compassion and Nurturing as you heal your Priestess

♥ Benefit from the connection to a feminine supportive spiritual space

♥ Eliminate lingering self-doubt

♥ My support throughout the whole process with in-depth personal coaching

Investment $ 4500

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Valerie is highly intuitive & provides loving space for deep healing work. She is able to dive deep into an issue to resolve the core of the problem which is very transformative and powerful.

Elies Hadi

Singapore,

Adrian Calise, Argentina

Business Owner

It was great working with Valerie! She is super professional and gets right to point. At the same time she is very spiritual, caring and loving. I would positively recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Alejandra Bueno

Lima, Peru,

Through her questions and deep analysis, Valerie led me through a series of thoughts and ideas, relating to my life, my current reality, and my emotional obstacles. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Marina Jackmann

Cleveland, Ohio, USA,

“Valerie’s personal touch, intuition and skills, and her warm heart have been a blessing in my journey.

She helped me gain clarity on my goals and helped me with specific steps and procedures. She also worked with me as a healer to help me let go of deep painful limiting beliefs.

I am so thankful that serendipity put her in my path. She has guided me through a profound transformation, that has impacted all aspects of my life.”

thumb_01_60_60Elisabetta Addabbo, Italy


First of all, I want to emphasize the deep and professional dedication of your work. I have said it before and I repeat it now, I was pleasantly surprised by the focus of your work…

Viviana Giambruni

Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Love and light!