Golden Light & Heartfelt Love Meditations

Find a comfortable spot where no-one will interrupt while you meditate.

Block at least a 20-minutes for each meditation.

Love and light!

Golden Light Meditation


As you prepare to sit or lay down to relax for this meditation, give yourself an intention. This guided visualization is powerful and invigorating, perfect to do in the mornings as it will revitalize your energy bodies as much as your physical body as well.

Your intentions could be anything you feel needs nurturing, caring love and grounding for positively bringing harmony to the issue.

Heartfelt Love Meditation



The Heartfelt Love Meditation brings the energy of LOVE and opens up your heart chakra, the center for receiving and giving love.

Be open and receptive as you follow my voice into the meditation.

Love and light!

Valerie Bottazzi

Life Coach & Healer