Write your love story!

Create your “Journey to Love”

You can absolutely be in the relationship of your dreams!

It is time you go from hurt, hiding and fragile to strong, passionate and ready to love again!

 Are you yearning for true love and connection?

♕ You have been clear in your desire of living a soulful relationship.

♕ You are doing your part becoming the best woman you can be and yet you continue to go to bed alone night after night after night.

For women like you, I have created “Write your Love Story, Create your Journey to Love” so you can magnetize your soulmate into your life. ❤

I have personally been in your shoes, I had been hurt, and I was eager to experience a soulful relationship. My roller coaster path into soulful love has led me to find my soulmate and loving my life as a Love Coach & Healer.

I created this course asking Divine Guidance “how can I help these women that are yearning to live their soulful love story”. I combined my life experience, my skills as a healer and a coach with Divine Guidance to deliver this content for the first time on a Facebook Challenge; I was then led to packaging the content in this product of “love”.

This “Journey to LOVE” is from YOU to YOU! It is a powerful transformative course where my clients have gained incredible awareness’s and healing, just from it!

Purchase “Journey to Love”

$ 250

In “Write your LOVE story, create your Journey to Love” you will:

❤ Learn how to switch your perspective of the pain from your past to the present creating your new truth

❤ Learn how to free yourself from the beliefs that have been holding you back from being in alignment with your true desires.

❤ Gain the freedom to chose as you release limiting beliefs around the 3 key areas of love, relationships and femininity

❤ Embrace and tap into your inner Goddess

❤ Recognize and learn how to communicate as the Queen you are

❤ How to learn ways to accept YOURSELF so your soulmate can see you and wholeheartedly fall in love and stay in love with the true you.

❤ Identify love blocks that have been keeping your soulful love away in an invisible and subconscious way for the majority of your life

❤ Remove the blocks that are holding you back from attracting your soulful love.

❤ Gain awareness regarding the origin of why you have been pushing love away in a subconscious way

❤ Understand why you have been attracting unavailable men or none at all and be able to transform your choices from a new place of understanding

Yes, Valerie, I want to “Journey to Love”

$ 250

“Write your LOVE story, create your Journey to Love” is designed so you can bring light to your beliefs about love and relationship.


The journey is designed to go in a progression 1 day at a time for 5 days, as you bring healing to your love path in an organic manner as the breakthroughs and new awarenesses build upon themselves within you. 

In “Write your LOVE story, create your Journey to Love” you will receive:

❤ 5 video trainings

❤ Startup Workbook

❤ Exploring Archetypes Workbook

❤ 1 PDF transcription for each (because we don’t all learn in the same way!)

❤ Meditation to tap into your inner Goddess

❤ Revisit and release limiting beliefs about:

❤❤ Love

❤❤ Femininity

❤❤ Relationships

❤ Learn about Archetypes, specifically the Goddess and Queen


It was great working with Valerie! She is super professional and gets right to point. At the same time she is very spiritual, caring and loving. I would positively recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Alejandra Bueno

Lima, Peru,

Valerie is highly intuitive & provides loving space for deep healing work.  She is able to dive deep into an issue to resolve the core of the problem which is very transformative and powerful.

Elies Hadi

Singapore,

I have said it before and I repeat it now, I was pleasantly surprised by the focus of your work, since it is not a usual coaching approach, but much more and deeply healing in different aspects …

Viviana Giambruni

Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Through her questions and deep analysis, Valerie led me through a series of thoughts and ideas, relating to my life, my current reality, and my emotional obstacles. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Marina Jackmann

Cleveland, Ohio, USA,

The main topics I wanted to address were that I hadn’t had a relationship in many years, I had a block that has stopped me from receiving financial abundance …

Helen Lingard

United Kingdom,

Finding Valerie online has been one of the unexpected gifts of my last season.

What she brings to the table is such an impeccable blend of a generous heart, profound insights from lived experience, and both reverence and humor in how she shares her approach.

I have returned to her Lush Meadow guided meditation several times, and it always offers up *exactly* what I need in that moment. Incorporating even just a few of Valerie’s starting points has genuinely helped me bring a greater sense of self and *joy* to this next phase of my work-life.

Total gem!

thumb_01_60_60Alexis Quednau, Canada

Actor, Voice and Mentor



My path into soulful love hasn’t been easy, but it has been deep, painful, surprising, colorful, magical and LOVING. I have journeyed from pain and trauma, which included the death of my father and two unsuccessful marriages (my first husband realized he was gay and my second husband cheated), into love and healing with two beautiful sons and finding my soul mate.

Nine years ago, I found “prince charming” riding a bike! I recognized him as my soul mate and gave him time to remember himself and me. And then the magic happened. Over the past decade, we have grown into our best versions of ourselves, honoring each other in love, and he has become a healthy father figure for my two boys allowing me the gift of staying in the role of mother. … Read more…

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