Step NOW Through the Lion’s Gate Portal

♌ Activate your abundance & success in your life

♌ Align with your higher divine path & timeline

♌ Shine bright your unique divine beingness

♌ Receive healing & blessings

♌ Activate your DNA for high vibration & ascension

♌ Receive infinite empowerment

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When? Saturday, August 8th, 2020 (8/8)

Time? 9 am PDT/Noon EST/6 pm CET

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Every star brings gifts from the Source of All and at this time Sirius, twice the size of the Sun and 26 times as bright will gift us many frequencies of abundance and fertility.

Sirius is one powerful source of spiritual light and at this time plays a precious role in the quickening of our awakening so we may come into the full realization of the love and light that is our essence.

Join me this Saturday so I can guide you to anchor new light codes and DNA frequencies for you to fully realize your individualized divine expression.

During 8/8 the surge of light will peak so you can receive their gifts of light.

Save Your Seat Now
Space is limited

This is a time of accelerated ascension where we will be receiving potent energetic broadcasts. Attune yourself with the waves of change and transformation that will be coming your way by participating in this activation and alignment gathering!

The Lion Gate Portal is a vortex that will be in its maximum potency on 8-8 is a gateway facilitating your engagement with conscious positivity, awakening your divine light, and embodying your divinity within your physical form.

During this time together we will activate your heart portal and amplify your power in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Sign up to get all the details and join me in this life transforming vortex!

Save Your Seat Now
Space is limited