Align your Life
with you Soul and Purpose

A note from Valerie Shakti Bottazzi:

I recognize that these presentations do not meet my preferred standards for visual and audio quality. However, I believe that the material channeled is still of such relevance and importance that offering the material as is brings relevance and significance.

Download the MINI E-Book “The Art of Transformation” BEFORE you sit down to watch the videos and read it. It will be your road map through this powerful transformation!


PS: This course was created partially through Facebook Lives

The Art of Transformation Download

Congratulate yourself for having honoured your intention of healing your limiting beliefs and let go of past suffering by purchasing this coaching mini-course “Align your Life with your Soul and Purpose”.

I personally have enjoyed creating and channeling this information because as I was putting it together I contacted the joy that comes with this healing, the joy of following your purposeful life.

This coaching builds upon itself day after day, so it is important that you do it in the right order starting with DAY 1 and following daily with each following day.

Once you have completed the program, you can use the Chakra Healing Visualizations at any time and as often as you feel you need them or that they can help you release issues pertaining to each of them as explained in this coaching.

As you progress in the course you will access:

  • A deeper comprehension of the transformation process
  • Make the connection so you can shift from low level energy thoughts into higher frequency ones
  • Learn how to move from Fear into Courage
  • How to bridge the gap from Hopelessness into Hope
  • How to create an action oriented plan based on your dreams and desires
  • What is the relationship between your Purpose and Passion and Success
  • How to hone into your higher self
  • What action steps to take to align your life with your soul’s purpose
  • Harmonize your chakras through healing visualizations
  • Grounding yourself to have access to your higher self
  • Aligning your life through the healing of your subtle energy bodies

 I have included a 2 added BONUSES!

Scroll down to the end to access 2 Healing Visualizations:

♥ Turquoise Healing Ray

♥ Magenta Healing Ray

You may used these two bonus visualizations at any time, even as you follow the coaching daily ones.

DAY 1: About Courage and Fear

DAY 2: About Hope and Hopelessness

DAY 3: About Joy and Laughter

DAY 4: About Love and Life

DAY 5: About Connection and Communication

DAY 6: About Dreams and Desires

DAY 7: About Purpose and Passion

Supporting images & Articles as mentioned in the videos

Day 1

As mentioned in the video here are the promised links:

Blog on Fear

Blog on Courage

Day 2

As mentioned in the video here are the promised links:

Blog on Living Divided

Blog on Hopelessness & Fear

Day 3

As mentioned in the video here are the promised links:

Blog on Joy & Laughter

Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

As mentioned in the video here are the promised links:

Blog on Dreams & Desires

Day 7

As mentioned in the video here are the promised links:

Blog on Purpose & Passion


♥ Turquoise Healing Ray (Forever Access)

♥ Magenta Healing Ray (Forever Access)