“Open Up to Love”

Unlock Your Heart

It’s time to dive deep into a

90-minute intensive coaching

and healing session

“Open Up To LOVE, Unlock Your Heart” is a 90-minute session where you can finally move beyond the emotional pain that has been holding you hostage.

In this laser session, we will dive deep identifying and bringing healing to a key component of your emotional barriers to love. 

As you open your heart and unlock your fears you will:

Start the healing process

Break the cycle of heartache

♥ Give yourself permission to listen to your heart

♥ Get back your hope that true love is possible for you

♥ Get ready to move on

It’s time to get the relief you’ve been craving and be rid of the ache in your chest. Putting an end to emotional pain will open you up to the future again.

As a result of breaking the cycle that is preventing you from moving on you will start the process so you can get ready to fall in love again.

Come ready to be coachable and open to healing through channeling, energy healing, accessing your Akash and more.

It is YOUR TIME to start to unlock your heart!

Investment $ 497


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First of all, I want to emphasize the deep and professional dedication of your work. I have said it before and I repeat it now, I was pleasantly surprised by the focus of your work…

Viviana Giambruni

Buenos Aires, Argentina,

When I started working with Valerie I was stuck both financially and relationship wise. The main topics I wanted to address were that I hadn’t had a relationship in many years, I had a block that has stopped me from …

Helen Lingard

U.K. - N.Z.,

Through her questions and deep analysis, Valerie led me through a series of thoughts and ideas, relating to my life, my current reality, and my emotional obstacles. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Marina Jackmann

Cleveland, Ohio, USA,

Valerie is highly intuitive & provides loving space for deep healing work. She is able to dive deep into an issue to resolve the core of the problem which is very transformative and powerful. I had the privilege to be coached by her and guided through …

Elies Hadi

Singapore,

Love and light!