Shamanic Constellation

Healing Your Family Tree

🌳 Curious how your family of origin’s issues are still influencing your life – even after years of working on yourself?

🌳 Do you have anger or depression and can’t seem to go away despite having worked for years to get past them?

🌳 Do you see yourself falling into old patterns of relating every time you go back to visit your family home no matter how evolved you’ve become?

🌳 Are you having a hard time forgiving your parents, your husband, and your children, despite your becoming a better and loving person with a deep spiritual path?

🌳 Are you stuck in a pattern of analysis paralysis and self-doubt despite all the therapy and coaching you’ve been doing?

🌳 Do you tend to doubt yourself or not be able to get through past issues and just can’t figure out why?


A SHAMANIC CONSTELLATION works as a bridge to the ancestral spirits of your family tree bringing HEALING TO YOUR LINEAGE for at least 7 generations back and 7 going forward.

💚 Are you curious how your family of origin’s issues are still influencing your life – even after years of working on yourself?

You may not be aware that you have been carrying trans-generation trauma. Some of what you have been dealing with is not your own yet it’s causing you pain and suffering because we keep re-enacting wars, chains, fears, traumas and beliefs that belong to our ancestors. Knowingly or even be unknowingly you may have been carrying heavy energies that have been epigenetically transmitted through your family tree.

💚 💚 Why and how is a Shamanic constellation different than coaching or therapy or another form of healing?

A Shamanic Constellation works as a bridge to the ancestral spirits of your family tree bringing healing to your lineage for at least 7 generations back and 7 going forward.

Families of souls incarnate together to learn soul lessons as a group, this is true both for biological and blended families. Our ancestors are a powerful force that can hold us back or propel us forward and during a Shamanic Constellation, we work with the higher self of those still on the Earthly plane and the soul of those that have already transitioned.


The Benefits of a Shamanic Constellation

emoji | Planos de fundo, Filtros para fotos, Inspirações para ... You may feel more in tune with your intuition and inner knowing now that your family patterns make more “sense” to you.

emoji | Planos de fundo, Filtros para fotos, Inspirações para ... You’ll feel in control of your life – and able to finally attract the relationships, money and career you desire.

emoji | Planos de fundo, Filtros para fotos, Inspirações para ... You’ll finally be able to forgive past wrongs and let go of your pain and anger.

emoji | Planos de fundo, Filtros para fotos, Inspirações para ... You’ll be able to move beyond the mentality of victimhood claiming your part and owning your life experiences

emoji | Planos de fundo, Filtros para fotos, Inspirações para ... You will see your role in deciding to script this lifetime with your chosen and specific ancestry putting a stake in the ground that you don’t want to experience this pain ever again throughout the whole timeline, past, present and future.

emoji | Planos de fundo, Filtros para fotos, Inspirações para ... You will release hidden forces that are still at work within the family tree and that are influencing your thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences allowing you to move beyond past issues into a more fulfilling life

emoji | Planos de fundo, Filtros para fotos, Inspirações para ... This sacred work creates breakthroughs that will take you from pain and anger to love and compassion as you release, forgive, let go and love your lineage and yourself making you feel centered and in alignment as you live your life 


This is deep sacred soulful work that requires your awareness and commitment to the process.

It is okay for us now to release these heavy energies and not carry this pain anymore. The Earth needs us to be conscious and this radical deep healing is available to us now through Shamanic Constellation work.

Release Family Trauma

Our families are one of the fundamental playgrounds where we come to learn crucial lessons for our soulful evolution. We are meant to incarnate within a family of souls many times because it takes several lifetimes to learn and unwind the knots in our ancestral lineage.

In this time on Earth, we have the gift of bringing healing to our own lineage while healing the dysfunctions and limiting beliefs that are common to all family trees, and that relate to physical, sexual and emotional abuse, addiction, violence, poverty, illness, abandonment, and betrayal while at the same time healing the collective unconscious of humankind being a conduit to our ascension path.

The path to freedom as you consciously open to embody your soulful mission includes coming to grips with your family of origin by shedding light into the dysfunction and drama that’s an intrinsic part of it. You cannot heal if you don’t first see with the eyes of the heart and soul.



The Package consists of :

🌳 15-minute set-up call
🌳 2-hour Shamanic Constellation session
🌳 After-care package with recording & follow-up e-mail

The Shamanic constellation work starts from the moment we have our set-up call and it continues during and up until the very last minute of the follow-up call. In order to do the work we will need your family tree that includes you and husband or partner (if there is one), your siblings, your children if you have them, and going back to your parents, grandparents, and beyond as far as you have the information. Useful information but not indispensable are names and last names, dates of birth, and dates of leaving the body for those in the lineage no longer on this plane.



Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Valerie Shakti Bottazzi’s life’s work is a to be the catalyst for her client’s life-transforming experiences as she coaches them to create a lifestyle and business based on their soulful purpose. She is a best-selling author 3 times entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Fulbright Scholar.

A happy survivor of over 30 years in the corporate world as an entrepreneur, Valerie has experienced firsthand the emptiness that living out of alignment with purpose can bring. As a certified coach, she teaches her clients how to make the same journey she has: that of quieting the analytical mind so that the inner wisdom can blossom. The women who work with her become deeply connected to their own soul’s work and lead a life of inspired action, purpose, passion, and prosperity.

Valerie uses all she has learned in transformational workshops live and online. Her step-by-step process empowers women to enhance their lives with meaning by saying “yes!” to their spiritual gifts.

A remarkable blend of Argentinean, Italian and American cultures, Valerie is an honest, deeply transparent, heart-centered, courageous, colorful woman. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to exotic places with her husband and sons.


Valerie was and is a blessing in my life! She is an amazing medium, healer, coach and an incredible, compassionate non-judgmental person. She is REAL. She helped me heal many of my past issues in a short time. I know that the journey never ends but I definitely feel more powerful and blessed since we’ve worked together. Especially powerful was the Shamanic Constellation session. It was magical, so many souls came to speak with me through her, about current and past relationships. It was surreal. I felt so connected for days after the session and learned from some ancestors I hadn’t even met about their past and how they are linked through me. I was blessed by them and felt renewed and amazed to have been able to learn and listen to them. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering doing it.

D. P.

Missouri, USA,

Working with you, Valerie, felt safe and I knew I was in good hands. After we did the Shamanic Constellation I had a lot of healing happen in my lineage. Since our time together so much has shifted within my family dynamics. I have felt like I have been in a foreign land for much of this past couple of months as I open myself up to who I am, without the stories of the past that held me captive to the victim. I know that you have helped me tremendously see my own story through your compassion, patience, and incredible heart for love. I am truly blessed and honored to walk this path with you. You have been such a gentle guide, nurturer, and supporter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the top of my tune for being an Angel in my life. I am so deeply grateful, moved, and in awe of your inspiring presence, strength, and courage.

Alāna Oceana

California, USA,

“I went into the Shamanic Constellation with Valerie not knowing what to expect but filled with anticipation and a knowingness that it was work that needed to be done.

I created my family tree and filled it with the names of people I barely knew or who I’d never met. On it, also, we’re people where I had unresolved issues that I didn’t even realize needed completion on a soul level.

The experience I had through/with Valerie was incredibly profound and healing. I now have an interaction with my family tree and my family that has a sense of peace and flow in it I could not have expected.

I’m not even quite sure words how powerful this experience was.”

Juli Gauthier, IL, USA

Business & Life Coach