This is my story: honest and vulnerable money talk.

I hear so many times friends and clients as they share with me that they can’t seem to make more than “a given amount” of money per year, no matter what they do or how hard they work for it.

I can speak for myself when I say that I have learned both consciously and subconsciously limiting beliefs around money and power.

Have you ever heard any of these phrases below spoken by friends and family as you grew up?

  • He has a lot of money I wonder what he did to earn it
  • I don’t need money
  • Money doesn’t matter to me
  • A woman’s place is in the kitchen (LMAO exaggerating…to make the point)
  • Money is dirty
  • You have to work very hard to earn money
  • You cannot make money unless you work every single waking hour
  • Fear about running out of food
  • The “children in [any given poor country]” would be very happy to eat what you are leaving on your plate …

and many more versions of these concepts.

Glass ceilings, harassment, power, money.

They are all related and it reflects in our lives as an inability to be able to reach for more if we so desire. Our unconscious makes sure it “sabotages” us to keep us at the level it believes we should be (as small or as big as it believes it should be).

Clearly the same is true also for very wealthy people. For them it is a given that they should be wealthy, why not? Whatever beliefs they have it encompasses their ability to create and keep a wealthy lifestyle.

My limiting beliefs have all been embedded in the thread of my subconscious by my Italian parents who lived through World War II.

I grew up in a household where my mom would fill up the pantry until it was full to the gills…. what she experienced during the war when they run out of food when they were forced to leave their home and escape to the countryside, run many of her actions while I was a child.

For example in my house food portions were “rations” served at our table and we ate leftovers and the leftovers of the leftovers.

Nothing wrong with eating leftovers. I still re-vamp them today and I love them. I am talking about something deep here. Something that runs below the surface where our minds cannot reach or aren’t sometimes even aware of this.


Personally, I can say that I have lived through all of the above and then some.

I had to work at it.

Letting go of these beliefs wasn’t easy.

Consistent mindset work paired with journaling, with energy work, with deprogramming cellular memories, with regressions and more.

Each one of us has our own path. What I learned is that it doesn’t have to be “this hard” to let go. It boils down to “giving myself permission”. We can do all of the exercises we want but if we don’t give ourselves permission we cannot rewrite our truth.

I am writing this newsletter today to encourage yourself to give yourself permission. To do what it takes to re-write your story. It is up to you and only up to you. No one can grant you this permission.

Sure I can help you and other coaches can help you too. We can help you peel the onion, dig deep and let go, teach you techniques to change the energy and the beliefs but in the end, YOU MUST GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION AND YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE WORTHY no matter what and for no particular reason.

Got it?




Love and light.
Shine bright!

Valerie Bottazzi
Life Coach & Healer

Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things. [Eric Butterworth]

Ensure you meet your non-negotiable goals this year!


A small tiny course correct can help achieve your goals.

I hope you had a wonderful first week of the year, still with the “holiday season” feelings in your heart!

Now that we are already in WEEK 2 of the new year it is time to get serious!

At this time of the year, we are all about those fitness goals, weight loss goals, business goals, life goals, and more, that all of us normally put out there!

Can you see yourself full of glee and satisfaction awaiting the New Year for 2019?

Probably not huh?

While I love the drive that comes with a fresh start, a lot of what people promise to do in January ends up being unsustainable or becomes less appealing with time, and as the year goes by the good intentions get diluted and fall through into oblivion.


This is why today I want to invite you to get crystal clear on THREE NON-NEGOTIABLE goals for this new year. Make sure you sit down with your journal at hand, your heart connected to your roots and your soul and express clearly 3 things you absolutely MUST achieve this year.

In order to identify them, you can think in your mind “what will happen if I don’t achieve goal a/b/c”?

Connect with how would you FEEL when you achieve these goals. Let the “emotions” be your drive

Once you have got these three goals clearly stated write them down and place them where you can see them all the time around your house.

Have fun with this!!!

If it has to do with self-care or self-worth, how about post-it notes on your bathroom mirror!!!  This way you connect with your goal daily first thing in the morning.

What do you think of post-it notes on the door of the fridge so you can be reminded of them when you get your breakfast early in the day!

Wouldn’t you like to print them and place them in a frame on top of your coffee table in the living room or in your workspace on your desk! 🙂

In order to make sure you pursue them every month at the beginning of every month during 2018 ask yourself what FIVE things you MUST do/achieve in order to stay in line with these non-negotiable goals.

Ask yourself: “are things moving in the right direction? Are situations changing and shifting gradually in the right direction? Or not at all?

Am I making the decisions needed to veer the course in small degrees towards your goals and taking action to back my decisions?

Make sure you do this every single month and make sure you course correct. Remember, you can continuously check if you are on or off course and make small adjustments with your goals in mind.

Keep the intentions alive as time goes by. This is key to make you reach New Year’s Eve 2019 with a smile on your lips and a super fulfilled and joyful heart!

Make this year important and memorable for you.

It is within your power to make this one the best year of your life.

Start today.

With much love.

Shine bright!

Valerie Bottazzi
Soulful Business Coach

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Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal.  [Chris Burke]

What perspective does to you

Funny what perspective does to you.

This morning I woke up and my heart was pouring love and gratitude. Literally. Not just saying it.

While I was still in that state of semi-vigil my mind and my higher-self had a look at the last “20-something” years of my life and mostly looked at the last 2.

A feeling of gratitude overcame me and I understood what a gift all the hardships I have been through the past years have been.

I am a spiritual woman with an inner journey that started during my teenage years, therefore I understand the concept of gratitude for hard times from a mental standpoint, but it is not always easy to shift the knowledge into experience, emotions, and feelings.

I have also revisited my past, my very past PAST, with the help of other coaches and healers and masters, with different tools and approaches such as psychotherapy, meditation, shamanic healing, Osho Prana Healing (energy chakra clearing), Aura-Soma (healing with colors), releasing of cellular memories, and more… I have come at it from every single angle I could gain perspective from.

Through this process I have gained more love for myself and for others, I have dropped judgment and I have learned empathy and compassion.

Excluding the last month where things have changed profoundly, I can clearly state that the last 2 years of my life have been on many levels, mostly the levels that pertain to my own personal power, THE HARDEST ONES.


Because having a loving soul-caring big-hearted grounded man by my side (yes all of that), that was holding the space for me to safely let go of control and dive even deeper, all shit came lose (pardon my French).

So I dove deep into the very depths of the darkest of nights of the soul… and gave it my all. As you have probably heard before, embracing the darkness in you and allowing it to come inside, you actually dissolve the darkness and allow light to come in. Yup, it is counterintuitive but it works this way.

The underlying key element in this alchemic process is TRUST in life, unshakeable faith in yourself and mostly in the fact that the universe, Source, God (you give it the name that works for you) has your back and wants the best for you. THIS IS THE KEY POINT.

The universe wants what is best for you, and while you are walking through your shadow side, and since you might not remember this and at times may not even believe this is the case, you throw a tantrum to the universe! [Smile] You know what I am talking about. You stamp your feet, and you yell, and you resist, and the more you do this the more you stay where you are! I love the ironic sense of humor of the universe. [Smile – Smile – Smile]

However, when you relentlessly keep at it, when you surf the waves of doubt, when you always, tenaciously come back to that space of trust while holding your vision, you eventually make it through to the other side.

I was telling you about this morning… As I was lying in bed I understood at a cellular level the priceless gift I have been given by walking in my “hardship” shoes.

As I now move forward into a shining future, manifesting more and more the vision of success I have for my heart-centered soulful coaching business, I realize the powerful empathy and understanding that I carry within me, beyond all my training, professional career, certifications and healing path.

I was there, I know what it means to visit the darkest pit, a few examples below:

*there were times when I only had cents to put  food on the table for my sons,
*there was that when I failed in the launch of what I had wrongly perceived was my dream holistic center,
*other moments I felt stuck on a plateau and nothing I was doing seemed to bring results,
* those years with the abusive husband father of my children
* I fell in the hole of the credit matrix
* Many more dark deep black times of depression

The fact that I got back up and accepted a new vision and dream as a co-creator and went after it, the hardships I went through, all of this and more, is POWERFUL, because when you tell me where you are in your own journey, I can embrace you and receive your shadow, holding the space for you to believe in yourself, knowing that magic is real and that what you think is real is, is in fact, the illusion you chose for your spiritual growth.

If I ask myself what was the most powerful element that helped me re-create a new reality for myself I can answer with two things:

  • the belief others had in me when I couldn’t see it encouraged me to remember who I am
  • hanging in there always remembering that after the darkest night comes the dawn.

I want to do this for you, hold the space for you, help you remember your power, who you are and believe in yourself.

The end of the year is a time of evaluation. It is human to look back at the “one-year-bucket” and think about what we did, what we didn’t, what was great, and what was not that great. And it is also a perfect time to set up new goals for the next “bucket” of 1 year.

How about you make the BEST OUT OF 2018 and you kick it off by giving yourself the gift you most likely give your loved ones? What do I mean? I mean putting yourself in the first place, investing in yourself and reaching for that life you know is available for you, a more fulfilling joyful life of ease and grace.

Book a clarity call with me now and let us make a plan together. Know where to start and transform your life.

Much love.
Shine bright!

Valerie Bottazzi
Soulful Business Coach

Every transition is easier if you believe in yourself and your talent. [Priyanka Chopra]

If you believe in yourself everything is possible.[Miley Cyrus]

Course Correct To Success

In my first job AFTER I came out of university as an Information Systems Analysis graduate, my boss repeatedly used to say “remember where we are coming from, where we are and where we are heading”. This was his moto to guide us into always keeping our path and our goals in mind so we could achieve them without doubt!

In those days I didn’t understand why he was saying that all the time. NOW I DO.

Everybody these days speak about manifesting and about the Law of Attraction. Don’t get me wrong, the Law of Attraction is a powerful, positive and important law, but it is not sufficient in itself to guarantee success.

Let me give you 3 things to bear in mind to stay on track as you embark in a life transformation journey.

  1. Determine your destination: Set clear and specific goals, write them down and make a plan to ensure you take one step at a time to know you are heading in the right direction day after day.
  1. Take the leap: You might have heard me say this often, just like Indiana Jones in the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, you must take off toward your destination with no guarantee of success. Did you know that from the time they take off ALL airplanes are off course 99% of the time??? 99% of the time! And yet, life is just like an airplane ride and your role, just like the pilot’s role, is to continuously course correct. You must be willing to stay outside of your comfort zone as you stretch yourself into uncharted territory.
  1. Thus our very important third thing to keep in mind: YOU must resolve in advance that you will never give up because you will have to take risks knowing that sometimes you will succeed and others you won’t… but a battle doesn’t make war.  Continuing with the airplane example, just like any aircraft you will face headwind, storm fronts, lightning and unexpected turbulence for sure if you are in pursuit of a worthy goal.

So here is the point, we never have guaranteed success in anything we set ourselves to do but it is your ability to persist in the face of all adversity while heading in the direction of your goals what will ultimately guarantee your success. It is the tenacity and the ability to hold your vision what will pull you through the darkest of nights, which by the way, is the darkest precisely before dawn.

Much love always,
Shine bright!

Valerie Bottazzi
Soulful Business Coach

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Simplifying Time Management

Simplifying Time Management. Here are my 4 “special sauce” easy steps.

How do you stay on task, whatever you are doing, family, personal or business? Are you a “list maker”? Are you a “Mind Map” creative? Are you an agenda “worm” (LOL)? Paper or Techy? What is your secret tool to ensure you are effective?

Despite how much time and energy you put into what you do, you doubt yourself and your ability to really succeed at it and enjoy your life. That scares you…

You struggle to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You’re tired of feeling like you’re chasing your tail: you don’t get enough sleep, keep skipping exercise, and either break your commitments to people or keep them but feel distracted the whole time thinking about everything else that you need to get done.

Have you ever felt that there’s just not enough time in the day? Can you believe that 90% of people admit to not achieving the tasks/goals they set for themselves for the day?

Here are other statistics for you:

√ 61% of people can’t ignore their electronic devices, they check notifications within the hour of having received them!

√ 81% of people admit to interrupt family, friends and work conversations to check on social media updates!

√ 3X people consume 3 times as much information as in 1960

It is a wild jungle out there full of “shiny objects” that distract us from our purpose at hand….so how do we set ourselves up for success?


Believe me, I GET IT. That is why I am a FULL advocate of writing down your goals, of establishing what things are non-negotiable in your life. This is powerful because most often, the reason we run out of time for projects or pursuits is that we’ve spent a lot of time lost in ambiguity. Yes I have been there and at times still fall into the trap!

So here are a few tips to address this.
On one hand looking at the bigger picture when we are being ABSOLUTELY crystal clear about what you want to do helps us in aligning our actions to realize the biggest progress in just a short period of time. Every decision is simple, it either supports our non-negotiable’s or it doesn’t. We don’t spend any time in doubt.


On the hand, there is the reality of daily life. I love this small graphic by the side. When I took my MBA we learned many 2 by 2 matrixes and this one is a powerful one. Basically in a day there are important and unimportant things that catch our attention and there are urgent ones and non-urgent ones.

The key is to address the Urgent and Important ones and do them, decide when to take care of the Non-Urgent and Important, delegate the urgent but non-important and drop the non important and non urgent! A good one huh?

1. Once you are clear on the above you PLAN YOUR WORK.

Take a few moments to determine where you’re going and how you plan to get there. You don’t have to know all the steps or details; just write down the basic outline as you can see it. Plan a strategy day in your routing. For me it is MONDAY

2. Gather your resources.

Get your tools in order make sure you have everything you need to get started. What do you need to do this job right? Go and get it.

3. Plan your timeline backwards (this is a big one!)

Ask yourself where you want to be on X date and establish a deadline. Then plan the steps backwards from there. Take action following your outline step-by-step. If you get lost or distracted, come back to your outline and see what’s next.

4. Keep connecting with your inner compass.

How are you feeling? Are you DOING as an obligation or are you in your “passionate” joyful state of doing? If you find yourself in the “should and musts”, stop, take a break, ask yourself what set you off track and reconnect, realign and re-set yourself.

Dare to dream big, dare to set your goals high, dare to reach for that happiness that is yours by divine right.

What are YOU going to do TODAY?

Shine bright!

Valerie Bottazzi

Soulful Business Coach