Are you tired of accepting internal chaos, discontent or lack of purpose as an unavoidable part of living?

Join me so you can breakthrough into a fulfilling life of meaning, magic and joy!

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MASTERCLASS with Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Where: On-Line -> Link upon registration

Date: Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Time: 1 pm PDT

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Are you feeling unfulfilled? Are you accepting it as a natural part of life?

Are you ready to start living the life you are meant to have?

It’s time to be done with:

✓ obstacles

✓ resistance

✓ stress

✓ confusion


Join me for my 2-Hour Training “5 Spiritual Keys To Claim YOUR Passion, Purpose & Prosperity” where you will learn how to:

✓ Tap into YOUR inner guidance to receive your purpose

✓ Gain the power of clarity to shift your life

✓ Maintain consistent clarity to move you forward

✓ Create secret shifts that will make your life different

✓ Take the next step to claim your next-level life

So you can ultimately LIVE YOUR SOUL’S MISSION!

MASTERCLASS with Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Save Your Seat Now
Space is limited

Where: On-Line -> Link upon registration

Date: Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Time: 1 pm PDT


My path into a soulful life hasn’t been easy, but it has been deep, painful, surprising, colorful, magical and LOVING. I have journeyed from pain and trauma, which included the death of my father and two unsuccessful marriages, into living the life of my dreams, having found my soulmate and raising two beautiful sons... My career path has been as tumultous as my personal life, from corporate to entrepreneur, to Life Coach & Healer… Read more


Working with Valerie was one of the best investments I made to up-level my life.

With Valerie’s support, I was able to transform inner nudges into inspired action. I found her way of blending practical tools and spiritual downloads to be most useful in our sessions…

Kate Drucker

California, USA,

A process with Valerie is not just any coaching process; it is a holistic experience in which she walks beside you and shares all her knowledge and tools for you to go deep inside you and feel reborn with all you need to stand by yourself.

Carol Bartomeo

Cordoba, Argentina,

In just 6 sessions with Valerie I managed to “heal” from trauma of abuse that had happened in my childhood. As a result of working with Valerie I was able to resolve conflicts and close relationships that were unhealthy for me including leaving a job where I was unhappy.

Claudia Nunia

Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Through her questions and deep analysis, Valerie led me through a series of thoughts and ideas, relating to my life, my current reality, and my emotional obstacles. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Marina Jackmann

Cleveland, Ohio, USA,

Looking foward to seeing you there!