How I stumbled into success



Joy is our divine right. Western society has taught us for the most part, that we must suffer, that through suffering we will “purify” our souls.

The level of awareness on Earth at this time allows us to realize that suffering is not the way to purify our souls but rather to SUFFER. Simply stated.

The way to purify our souls is to align our life with our soulful purpose.

The way to purify our souls is to live our lives as a beacon for ourselves first and foremost and thus shining bright lighting the way for those coming behind us.

The way to purify our souls is by tapping into the best version of ourselves and committing with our loved ones, family, and friends, to be there for them judgment-free to support each other in our journeys to become our BEST VERSIONS.

Living life this way makes life an adventure that is fun and joyful as we discover new horizons. As we live our lives in integrity letting go of beliefs that keep us suffering and playing small, we become amazed at the magic that life has in store for us.

Life becomes a series of apparently synchronistic magical events that makes us flow into a life of ease softly and lovingly. It seems like a “children’s story” but it isn’t. It is a new level of consciousness and awareness and lifestyle available for each and every one of us, here, now, in today’s day and age.

When you cry yourself to sleep you are forgetting that there is a better life available for you.

When you live with dis-ease is because most likely your body is telling you in the best way it can, that there is something that is hurting your soul.

When you suffer through your loving relationships remember that what makes you suffer most likely is a mirror of your deep wounded feeling being spoken back to you.

But mostly REMEMBER and REACH OUT for the life of joy, health, wealth and abundance that is a decision away on the other side from fear.

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Love and light.

Shine your light bright!

Valerie Bottazzi

Life Coach & Healer

“When what you value and dream about doesn’t match the life you are living, you have pain.” [Shannon L. Alder]

Commitment is a funny word

Commitment is the door to manifestation. Yes, you read correctly.

Commitment. Simple isn’t it? Yet, commitment requires quite a lot of us, not only commitment (LOL)! It requires clarity, passion, focus and unwavering faith!

In my life, I have discovered that commitment tends to be in symbiosis with passion. Passion simply leads you into committing into your passion, as redundant as it might seem, it is also crucial.

When we commit to our passion, to our goal, to our dream, every single event, every decision that calls for our attention, and every curveball that comes our way, gets easily aligned through the “filter” of commitment.

Commitment makes us show up, makes us make the right decision, and makes us take the right action.

Think about it.

Follow this simple exercise to find your commitment or to check into the one you have.

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. As you are in this relaxed state ask yourself three basic questions:

1) Who am I
2) What do I want
3) How can I best serve

This exercise will help you figure out where is it you are called into putting your commitment, which is your guiding passion, what action is the one that will bring you the fulfilling life that you truly desire.

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“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening the ax.”  [Abraham Lincoln]

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Simply pair this new knowledge with hope, trust and powerful strategic actions backed by your intent and watch your life transform as you go for your dreams in a co-creative manner.

Shine YOUR Colors Bright!

Valerie Bottazzi

Soulful Business Coach

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening the ax.”  [Abraham Lincoln]