Testimonial “Carol Bartomeo”

To have Valerie as a coach and healer was a unique experience that left me empowered.

When I started the coaching process, I was at a turning point in my life, in which I had been released from my job (I was a teacher for 25 years), I had just closed a 25-year-old relationship with my husband and I was starting a new phase in life with my two teen daughters. To begin with, I knew I had to focus on my life Mission but I didn’t have a clue on the “how to do it”. In addition, I also had to process some deep experiences concerning my fears as regards love and success. I felt I was at a loss.

A process with Valerie is not just any coaching process; it is a holistic experience in which she walks beside you and shares all her knowledge and tools for you to go deep inside you and feel reborn with all you need to stand by yourself. She is generous enough to share all the material she has developed, for you to nourish from it. She has so many tools to help you make the best of your healing journey that it is a fulfilled promise of your success in the end and you enjoy it as well.

She was always available when I needed extra help and she accompanied me a 100% in different ways: sending me supporting material, energy healing, channeling messages from my Guides, and much more in a loving, caring and safe atmosphere always protected by our Divine Teams. She helped me align and focus, state my goals with clarity and go for them step by step, letting me empower myself on the way and encouraging me to trust. “Your time now is like Indiana Jones”, she said. “Move one step at a time and trust that the path will show up”

At that moment, I remembered the movie: “Only the penitent man will pass. The penitent man kneels before God. The penitent man is humble before God.” I have done nothing wrong, that was clear. I had left guilt aside, with Vale’s help I cared for my inner child and I recognized I am worth loving. Thus, it was not fair to call me a “penitent” woman, as Indiana Jones said.

So I provided my own version: “Only the aligned woman will pass. The aligned woman kneels before her own path because she surrenders to its sacredness and trusts she is at the perfect place to evolve. The aligned woman is humble before herself, she is aware of her strength and goes for everything she deserves with vision, love and passion.”

Carol Bartomeo

Coach & Healer, Mano Azul

Testimonianza de Marianela Kopinic

Hoy me siento a mirar el tiempo recorrido juntas…y mi sensación es de un GRACIAS INFINITO.

Siento gratitud por tu calidez, tu sensibilidad, tu profesionalismo, tu compromiso y el respeto por mis procesos en cada uno de los encuentros.

Fuiste ESPEJO, mostrándome aspectos que estaban dentro mio y un abanico de posibilidades por descubrir.

Tengo una creencia…”TODO ES PERFECTO COMO ES” pienso que cada paso o persona que me encuentro en el camino de la vida tienen un propósito para mi crecimiento personal y evolución, entonces… Doy Gracias a Dios por haberte encontrado en el camino…Hoy mas segura de Quien SOY y con un mundo por disfrutar.

Marianela Kopinic

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Testimonianza Paula Ricci

Habiendo algunos amigos en común, comencé a ver en Facebook algunas cosas que Valeria publicaba y que a mi me resonaban mucho. El día que yo tuve un problema serio, me di cuenta de que no estaba aplicando ninguna de las herramientas que creía conocer al dedillo, y que estaba totalmente perdida y deprimida. Yo ya estaba siendo parte de su “mailing list” y acepté una consulta gratuita con ella.

Tuve muchas idas y vueltas hasta decidirme empezar a trabajar con Valeria. La moneda de mi país no favorece para nada poder hacer este tipo de talleres, muchas veces se nos van de la mano en precio. Sacando eso, sentía que nos íbamos a entender bien.

El trabajo con Valeria me ayudó a sobreponerme a sensaciones de desesperanza donde me sentía sobrepasada. También gracias a este trabajo pude identificar los mecanismos de ciertos bloqueos mentales y como trabajar con ellos para desbloquearme.  Fue muy valioso poder sentirme siempre contenida, comprendida y guiada con una mirada profesional y de compasión.

Absolutamente recomiendo trabajar con Valeria porque lo que ella hace en las entrevistas es magia pura. Aunque solo hice ⅓ del programa, y no descarto el dia de mañana poder seguirlo alguna vez, quiero recalcar el profesionalismo con el que Valeria se mueve para llevar el programa a cabo.

Ella cuenta con una interminable caja de herramientas listas para ser usadas en cualquier momento. Me encontraba realmente deprimida y ella supo exactamente qué hacer para sacarme de un lugar del que yo no podía salir sola.

Paula Ricci

Information Technology Teacher & Knitting teacher, Arcangela B

Praise by Marina Jackman

I had some unresolved feelings and wounds related to my past, my family, and especially myself. I was concerned because I didn’t think I was ready to explore those issues, and I didn’t think I had the extra money to invest in myself. However, I am very glad I said yes to Valerie’s coaching.

Through our time together Valerie helped me in establishing my life & career goals, she guided me as I overcame hopelessness & overwhelm getting me past some mental-blocks while gaining confidence working through my mindset. Valerie helped me get clear about who I am and what I want in life; she gave me useful tools that I can now use whenever I’m feeling helpless, lost, or frustrated and she further helped me understand why I was acting in a certain way helping me heal patterns so I could reset myself in a more positive and loving way.

Since I finished with Valerie’s program I feel more confident, I understand what I want and where I’m going with more clarity. I’m not scared of bad things happening because I understand that I have the power over my way of behaving and thinking. I am more than grateful and I now understand the power of manifesting what your soul really desires.

I particularly appreciated the possibility of speaking freely and not being judged at any point. I felt like I could speak without any restrictions and that helped the process become more authentic and significant.

The 3 biggest benefits of working with Valerie have been:

1) Being in a judgment free zone

2) Getting many tools to help me cope with the different issues/emotional blockages I now recognize and

3) Being able to revisit previous conversations

I would absolutely recommend working with Valerie. She is a warm and authentic person with many years of experience in different businesses and spiritual fields, which make her a holistic coach that can help you in many aspects of your life journey. No matter what you have going on, from business to inherited family traumas, she can see and feel beyond words and help you get to the bottom of what you are experiencing to heal those deep emotional scars. I did the 6-month program and it completely changed my life, now I have the tools to understand my behaviors, and modify them in a healthy, loving way. It’s not magic, it’s hard work, but having Valerie by your side to guide and help you get through your fears, frustrations and emotions is a wonderful experience.

Marina Jackman

Digital Project Manager