About Me

Valerie Shakti


About Me

Valerie Shakti


Life’s journey is an alchemical transformation, bringing love out of pain and healing out of trauma

The underlying current of all life is a process of reclaiming our uniqueness, remembering who we are as we incorporate all of our life’s learning with our intuitive and spiritual gifts.

My name is Valerie Shakti Bottazzi. I am a woman who has had the courage to leap into her soul’s calling, blending the cultures within me (Argentine, Italian, American) with my executive background and my shamanic healing skills.  I am an honest, deeply transparent, courageous, fearless (and fearful!), creative being: a lover, a mother of two boys, a coach and an entrepreneur. All of these labels only describe me partially; they each point to a small facet of the complex being I am.

In other words, I am a colorful soul in a human body.… just like you!

Change is the only constant

Life’s journey is an alchemical transformation bringing love out of pain and healing out of trauma. The path into living your soul’s calling is deep, painful, surprising, colorful, magical and LOVING.

When I was 21, I lost my dad to cancer after seven months of suffering. I was blessed to be able to care for him during his illness, and together we healed a big piece of our father-daughter karma. There was one part, however, that I was destined to take forward into my life and use to tear myself into pieces. You see, my dad had been a chronic cheater in love. As a good, handsome, old-time Italian man, he had been raised with the belief that having occasional lovers was okay as long as he took care of his wife and family. Years later, it is easy for me to understand that his cheating was his way of trying to fill a deep void of unworthiness within himself. Then, as a young woman just entering the world of love, his belief left me at risk for heartbreak.

The long journey into healing

As the youngest of four siblings, I have two older sisters and an elder brother. Together, the four of us reversed the paradigm our father had displayed to us. My sisters and I developed the belief that we should “cheat before you are cheated onto,” and my brother believed that “you will be cheated upon.” Crazy isn’t it? You can imagine how these beliefs wreaked havoc in our lives, offering all sorts of opportunities for pain and healing.

Since I was a teenager it had been my strategy to give my all to succeed at whatever endeavor I pursued. I thought I was being inspired by my soul and passion, but I was actually being misled by my belief that as a woman I was worth-LESS, the belief I absorbed as I was growing up. This belief was buried deep within my subconscious and manipulated my desires in a robotic manner I was unaware of. Without realizing this hidden handicap I set out into life to be the best at everything I did: getting straight A’s in education, winning at sports activities, etc. I always needed to reach for more since the gaping hole of my lack of worthiness could never be filled. Only true awareness can heal the wounds of our perceived unworthiness.

My initial awareness began a long journey into all of the phases of healing: forgiving, understanding, transforming and transmuting. I was  eventually able to put all of my scattered pieces together again, healing from my own trauma and bringing healing for my whole lineage in the process backward and forward, learning how to do deep ancestral healing work .

Lessons learned from love

I met my first husband on my 22nd birthday, soon after my dad passed away.  This relationship still has lots of magical aspects to it, including the facts that we are still in touch, we love each other and we are great friends despite our divorce after almost seven years of marriage. It wasn’t simple fo us to get here. During our time together I helped him to remember and heal from his own traumatic experiences.

My second husband? Well, what a project that was! The biggest blessing I received from this marriage was my two man-boys, now 19 and 22 years old. I learned so much from him through his abusing and cheating, through his using me, but mostly from MY ALLOWING all of this to happen.

Every person and every situation that are present in our lives are here because we have called upon them

After my second marriage ended, I chose to step into a scary part of my unfolding,  that of the destruction of my ego, recognizing my own role in all of this suffering. I realized the reasons why I called each of my love-partners in to my life and how my own pain and beliefs played an integral role in our relationships. 

I took the time I needed to lick my wounds and then began to go out and have fun and test my newfound sense of worth embodying my femininity. I learned to embrace my inner Goddess by taking myself on dates and I treated myself to date-nights at home. Throughout all of this exploration I learned about my gifts, my power, my desires, my dreams and about who I am. I learned to LOVE MYSELF first and foremost.

It isn’t always easy to find out what we like to do and be. We can become disconnected from ourselves for so long that we don’t know how to recognize our own inner desires.

Clarity Creates Fulfillment

Once we get really clear, we can then start the co-creation process, magnetizing into our lives what we desire: men, prosperity, health, your dream job, business and career. 

I did. My “prince charming” arrived, riding a bike instead of a horse. Hey! That didn’t matter to me, since I was also riding a bike!

I recognized him instantly. I recognized him as my soul mate and gave him the time he needed to remember himself and myself. We have been together now for 12 years. We have not only grown into our best versions of ourselves while honoring each other in love, he has also became a healthy father figure for my two boys. This gave me chance to stay in my role of mother and not have to be a single parent.

The Medicine Woman inside!

The journey to expand into our best versions and next-level lives is never-ending.

Throughout all these years of personal growth, my career shifted as well: I went from working in the corporate world as Director of Southern Europe and the Middle East for a big multinational company to successfully opening three entrepreneurial venues. Each transition brought new awareness and new opportunities to blend my professional background with my growing intuitive and healing side and I combined my formal education in Business and Information Technology with my Coaching Certification and sacred, holistic training in deep and powerful ways.


Today, I have fully integrated my left-brained business talents of coaching and accessing my gifts as an intuitive channel into all of the work I do. I have now stepped openly into my High Priestess-Medicine Woman path as a guide to others who are eager to complete a similar journey at The Awaken Path School of Wisdom

I am honored to serve by empowering others to enhance their lives with meaning and joy by identifying, integrating and living their purpose and passion.

Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Living your purpose is available for you, too.

I invite you to book a private Purpose Activation Session with me.

You will walk away from this session knowing the number one, next step to take as a spiritual woman so that you will live your purpose and attract prosperity into your life with your unique gifts and talents.

© 2018 Valerie Bottazzi Llc – All Rights Reserved

© 2018 Valerie Bottazzi Llc – All Rights Reserved