What is Aura-Soma® & Why You Should Try It??

Watch the short video below to learn how does Aura-Soma work and what it can do for you.

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AURA-SOMA® is a non-intrusive self-selective color care system that supports you in your spiritual journey while bringing understanding about yourself and the present moment in your life.  Vicky Wall, founder of Aura-Soma® said “You are the colours you choose”.

The Aura-Soma system uses the light and color frequencies with the energies of the plant and mineral kingdoms to support you in your healing journey. It is an ancient complex and profound system channeled by Vicky Wall more than 30 years ago utilizing information from color frequencies, numerology, astrology and much more.

The system works as you choose the colors to which you are attracted that resonate with our own light body and thus offers you insight into your journey and soul by reflecting your inner beauty in a simple and effective way.

The enchanting clear colored bottles know as “Equilibrium” are more than 115; they contain natural plant colors, essential oils, crystal energies, pure water and bio-dynamically grown plant and herb extracts in a solution of oil resting upon water.

The fractions can be shaken together resulting in a third color and an emulsion that can be applied to the skin. Applying this beautiful and natural product to your body applies the energies of the bottle to you physically as well as influencing your aura, chakras and higher soul self. People commonly report experiencing profound change, release and breakthroughs when working with a bottle at home.

“If you were to go away to a desert island and you could only take one bottle with you which bottle could you not leave behind?”

What are the benefits of using Aura-Soma®?

As you gain understanding on what are you here for Aura-Soma also…

It harmonizes both your physical and subtle bodies

Provides valuable insights into your current life situation

Allows you to access your own inner wisdom


Helps improve your spiritual well being

Gives you a deeper understanding of the self

It reflects and connects you with your gifts and talents

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Remember to select “FIRST session” if you have never done an Aura-Soma reading before.

Aura means “light” and Soma means “body”. By applying this natural product you can experience profound change & breakthroughs that will sustain your soulful journey.

To work with the Aura-Soma color care system means to contact your soul at the deepest level connecting with subconscious information and allowing you an authentic and beautiful experience that will leave you empowered.


Happy customers.

Dear Valerie,

The Aura-Soma session with you has been very peaceful and joyful experience and it gave me insights regarding big changes happening in my life.

Your special way of welcoming other souls is very touching.

Thank you for your genuine way in which you bring LOVE into my life. Pasqualina

thumb_01_60_60Pasqualina Santoro, Italy


My main concern for the Aura-Soma session was to look in depth into my life as it is today. Through it I gained a new awareness to focus on one thing at a time to help myself create some desired changes. Valerie provided tools to work through some difficulties and helped me understand how to avoid being overwhelmed by some problems. She is professional, compassionate and caring and I would definitely recommend others to try this interesting and unique approach to everyday life. 

thumb_01_60_60Carol Southard, California, USA

Business Owner