Testimonial by D.P.

Valerie was and is a blessing in my life! She is an amazing medium, healer, coach and an incredible, compassionate non-judgmental person. She is REAL. She helped me heal many of my past issues in a short time. I know that the journey never ends but I definitely feel more powerful and blessed since we’ve worked together.

Especially powerful was the Shamanic Constellation session. She brought much information from my ancestors and my close family members and we cleared past pain originating with my ancestors. It was magical, so many souls came to speak with me through her, about current and past relationships. It was surreal. I felt so connected for days after the session and learned from some ancestors I hadn’t even met about their past and how they are linked through me. I was blessed by them and felt renewed and amazed to have been able to learn and listen to them. There were things Valerie transmitted that impressed me, since there was no way Valerie could have known those things had happened.

I feel grateful to have had this process as now I understand better where I come from and I feel clear and ready to start anew and to be guided by divine intervention.

I had never heard of this type of healing until she suggested it to me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering doing it. It’s a like a weight gets cleared out off your shoulders. I feel reborn and with a fresh new outlook of my past and my future.

We have worked via zoom and its incredible to know that energy flows and that you don’t need to be face to face to feel it in your soul and in your heart.

You do have to say YES and be open to hearing it all!

Thank you, Valerie, for being who you are, for your honesty, your love, your insight, your guidance, for being there for me and for the amazing coaching, tools, and healing you’ve given me in such a short time. I’ve been so blessed to have had the opportunity of working with you and that our paths crossed at the perfect time … Shine Bright!

D. P.

Missouri, USA, Mother and IT professional

Testimonial by Alāna Oceana

I want to share my reflections on the ancestral healing work that I did with Valerie at the beginning of this year. It took me a couple of months to process the results as I feel that the “upwelling” of information that the work we did presented was a big and beautiful experience that opened many doors that I am continuing to make strides through.

Working with you, Valerie, felt safe and I knew I was in good hands. After we did the Shamanic Constellation I had a lot of healing happen in my lineage. I felt like space opened up in my heart and chambers were availed during our session. It took me two months to clear the rooms and purge the emotional baggage stored in boxes, bags, and keepsakes. It was a lot and I am so happy that your intuition guided us through this process.

Since our time together so much has shifted within my family dynamics. You held such a powerful space for me to witness and create a new identity around the dialogue that I was holding with these individuals. There is something to be said about “giving back” what was not mine. I worked with that dialogue for many weeks as I felt thoughts purging. It is funny, even my skin is looking more bright and I am holding less water weight.

I have felt like I have been in a foreign land for much of this past couple of months as I open myself up to who I am, without the stories of the past that held me captive to the victim. I know that you have helped me tremendously see my own story through your compassion, patience, and incredible heart for love.

I am truly blessed and honored to walk this path with you. I feel like you have been such a gentle guide, nurturer, and supporter as I prepare to open myself up to sharing my story through written word. I am not sure I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for you to complement the work I have been doing also on my own.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the top of my tune for being an Angel in my life. I am so deeply grateful, moved, and in awe of your inspiring presence, strength, and courage.

Alāna Oceana

California, USA, BlueMind Transformation Coach + Speaker

Stop and smell the roses🌹

Everything in our world is interconnected with waves of energy that we can not see. The subtle bio-energy that flows through all living things, sometimes called chi or life force, can be measured in Hertz.

Choosing thoughts, words, actions, and tools to raise our frequency has been shown to create a positive impact in our lives assisting us in co-creating the life we desire. You may have learned from my videos how emotions that are negative are very low in frequency ranging from 0.2 Hz to 3 Hz on average while powerful emotions such as gratitude and love are above 90 Hz.

So why are roses one of the most popular flowers on Earth as symbols of love, passion, friendship, peace, femininity and more? Have you noticed how the rose flower is all over human lore and even well-known sayings? As in “stop and smell the roses”. It does not say “stop and smell the violets, or the lavender, or the daisies!”.

Let me tell you why. It’s because roses vibrate at the highest frequency, more than any other flower on Earth. Pure extracts from rose can measure as much as 5 times higher as those from her sister plants, like basil and peppermint. This means that it is vibrating on a super high level. And when we are exposed to it, our frequency can rise as well.

I don’t know about you, but I have ALWAYS loved roses. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I loved using “Eau de Rose Perfume”. I guess my subconscious knew better than I did that when we are exposed to rose essence our frequency can rise as well.

I use to connect with the frequency of roses in many different ways when I perform guided meditations and healings. So you too can connect with it to raise your frequency, even without having it physically, just be evoking its image and perfume.

Other ways in which you can intentionally use this knowledge to help you raise your frequency:

💖 Drink rose-flavored teas.
💖 Create your own rose spray from rose petals and alcohol and spray it in your rooms and on upholstery
💖 Dry rose petals and use them in your ceremonies or to create a potpourri of roses
💖 Grow roses in your gardens and terraces.
💖 Keep roses around in your home
💖 Gift roses
💖 Use rose essential oil topically and in your bathwater.

Practice living to increase your vibrational frequency and use this new knowledge to support you in doing just that. Remember, if you need an energy boost “stop and smell the roses” it literally will enhance your frequency at the cellular level and help you bring you into balance and harmony.

Live intentionally and THINK ROSE!

Love and light!


Valerie Shakti Bottazzi
Shamanic Coach & Healer

Are you a meditator?

Are you one too? A meditator I mean…

As I was coaching my yearlong program yesterday, I was reminded that I have been meditating since I was 19. I have been doing it consistently for more than 25 years and in the process while becoming certified as a meditation teacher I also learned how to create different meditations and healing transmission. I can easily say that meditation has been the most impactful foundational tool in my spiritual journey.
Meditation is the number one thing that has sustained all my other efforts, creating time and space for me to quiet my mind and making room for listening to Divine Guidance. There are so many ways of meditating that I can guarantee you will always find more than one way that works for you. 
I am curious to know about your relationship with meditation. Do you like meditating? How has meditation impacted your life? Do you do it consistently? 
Did you know that as a welcoming gift to joining the “Unleash Your Inner Purpose Facebook group” you can download a powerful meditation to Contact Your Spirit Guides? Oh! and every Friday we gather at 12:30 pm Pacific Time for an uplifting “Rising Friday” Facebook live where we do meditations, we share tips, coaching and healing depending upon what’s most needed each week. It’s mostly a beautiful community of empowered people with the common goal of living a life expressing the best version of ourselves.  Why don’t you join us? You can do so HERE. We’d love to have you so you can be a part of what we co-create as you tell us about you and how we can support you!
Love and light,

Valerie Shakti Bottazzi
Spiritual Life Coach

Is this you?

Have you noticed you have a tendency to put people on a pedestal?
Or have you ever done it? Maybe once? Maybe more than once?

For many years of my life I, put people on a pedestal. Not everyone of course. But I became aware of my tendency to “figuratively hold” bosses, teachers, mentors, and even men I liked, above me. I use the term pedestal, because, in my mind, these people were great, so much more than methey knew more than me, they were more perfect than me, they had more experience than me, they were so handsome, and so much more.

Since I thought so highly of them I strived to become more like then, and since I am such a good student (seriously!) I invariably would reach a point when in my own evolution I would notice that they would unbeknownst to them… “let me down”. 

Yes, they would suddenly come crashing down the pedestal and I would get all ruffled up and mad inside. I would have the most difficult conversations inside my mind until one after another I realized that:

a)    they never asked to be placed on a pedestal
b)   they didn’t think they were better, more intelligent, more of anything (for the most part!)
c)    this was my own doing and therefore my own “un-doing”

I have learned on my own skin the importance of holding myself up no matter who sits by my side or stands in front of me. I am worthy. Period. As are you.

That is why in the work I do I ensure you know that you and only you are your own teacher. I may be a facilitator, a guide, the one that opens some crucial doors for you but you and only you can do the work. I can help you shine the light on those parts of you in the shadow, we all have our shadow side.

I have learned that in order to continue with the unfolding of my life, living on purpose, I need someone ahead of me in my path, to help me see my blind spots… but here is the key point. Ahead of me doesn’t mean better than me, it only means that they are a few steps ahead in the same way I am a few steps ahead of the women I work with.

The shamans, teachers and coaches I have work with can help me see the way in which I get in my own way, they can help me identify the “obstacles” so to speak, but only I can remove them, only I have the key to the healing inside, the same way in which I can help you but YOU and only YOU can remove them … if you so desire. 

Love and light,


Valerie Shakti Bottazzi
Life Coach & Healer


“Darling, self-discovery isn’t always about the most convenient ways…”

What small change?


Sometimes it seems like nothing works the way it should. If you’re a human, you have probably hit that point where work is no fun, relationship is a struggle and you don’t even feel comfortable in your body.

At times like these, changing your life can seem overwhelming. There’s so much to do…where do you even start?

It’s quite simple, really…just change ONE thing.

Read a magazine article you would never typically even consider. Try a new type of restaurant. Take a different route to work. Any simple change of scenery can shift your perspective, and has the potential to drastically transform your life.

It’s like a ship at sea…if it changes course even one degree, 100 miles later it’s in completely new waters.

Of course, the most profound shifts are the ones you make on the inside. Annoyance can easily be turned into fascination. Frustration can be flipped to become gratitude. Even anger can be transformed if you simply turn it into a song.

You don’t have to tackle the whole enchilada, just make one simple shift.

And the best part is…it’s all experimentation. If you don’t like your new perspective, you can always go back to your old one.

What “one-degree” shift can YOU make TODAY?

Love and light,


Valerie Shakti Bottazzi

Life Coach & Healer

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” [Roy T. Bennett]