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“Align your Life with Your Soul & Purpose”


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This powerful mini-coaching program kick-starts a process of OVERALL HEALING & ALIGNMENT.  

It’s structure is set up so that:

  • It guides you effortlessly into releasing compressed energy of past traumas
  • It leads you into connecting, embracing and healing old wounds
  • It provides a platform for hidden emotions to arise & the tools toembrace the information they provide
  • It opens up a path for your subconscious to correlate information hidden to the conscious mind aiding you in the awareness process
  • Its structure opens up the possibility for you to look at fears and blockages and gives tools to let them go
  •  It provides the framework so you can shift from being stuck spinning your wheels into action 

In short it is an EMPOWERING harmonizing process of your physical and subtle energy bodies, fundamental first step to any process of spiritual growth and transformation

Through this course you will realize:

♥ deeper comprehension of the transformation process

 Make the connection so you can shift from low level energy thoughts into higher frequency ones

♥ Learn how to move from Fear into Courage

♥ How to bridge the gap from Hopelessness into Hope

♥ How to hone into your higher self


♥ How to create an action oriented plan based on your dreams and desires

♥ What is the relationship between your Purpose and Passion and Success

♥ What action steps to take to align your life with your soul’s purpose

♥ Harmonize your chakras through healing visualizations

♥ How to ground yourself to have access to your higher self

♥ Align your life through the healing of your subtle energy bodies



U$D 297

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This package includes 1 video addressing each of the above-mentioned themes accompanied with a 30 minutes (approximately) healing visualization to heal the related chakra and let go of limiting beliefs.

You will have access to 7 hours of training plus 2 additional Bonus Healing Visualizations

Bonus 1: Turquoise Healing Ray

Bonus2: Magenta Healing Ray



I am thrilled to be offering this coaching program that through awareness and healing will put you in place to live your life in alignment with your soulful purpose.

For each theme of the 7 day program you receive a training and self awareness video accompanied by a corresponding healing visualization.

Daily the coaching builds upon itself by addressing the following:

♥ Hope & Hopelessness

♥ Joy & Laughter

♥ Love & Life

♥ Communication and Connection

♥ Dreams & Desires

♥ Purpose & Passion


U$D 297

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U$D 297

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Contact Me!

I found this course very powerful and it brought up a lot of things for me.

I really liked that you were vulnerable sharing your story as this helped me to connect with you.

The program is intense and it takes time to absorb it. I almost wanted to relish in the content of some of the steps so took more time to complete them and repeated some of the lessons before moving forward with the next one.

On day 5 you really speak from your heart and I just love your approach. I look forward to hearing your familiar voice daily and it gives me comfort.

The whole process is powerful Valerie, saying yes to what I want and no to what I don’t want is key.

And if all of this weren’t enough the Scottish music at the beginning of the videos just makes me want to dance!

thumb_01_60_60Vanessa Wallace


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