Heal & Succeed with the
Powerful Magic of Colors!


Make sure to download the WORKBOOK “How to Heal & Succeed with the Powerful Magical of Colors” BEFORE you sit down to watch the videos. You will need it handy as you follow the course since you will be using it at different times.


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Aren’t colors fascinating? Colors are an essential part of our lives, they are embedded in our worlds, and through their frequencies they can influence us directly on an unconscious level.

That is why they are so powerful; the mind does not filter their message, yet most of us remain ignorant of the benefits to be gained from our conscious use of colors!

Marketing uses colors uncannily to direct “their unique message” to “their ideal client”, and you can do this too if you learn what is the meaning of the different colors and what effect they have on you and your environment.

The content lasts 3 hours. I hope you will put the information to good use both for your business and wellbeing, as I am positive this can enhance everybody’s lives.

In this mini-course you will learn:

  • What are chakras and why are they important
  • Why and how do colors influence us
  • Understand the way in which to interpret a color frequency commonly known as “vibration”
  • How to use colors in your branding to attract your ideal client
  • How to use colors to achieve your goals
  • How to use colors for your wellbeing

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♥ Colors & Crystals and the Zodiac

♥ The 5 Levels of Understanding Color


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♥ Colors & Crystals and the Zodiac

♥ The 5 Levels of Understanding Color