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Data Protection and Privacy Statement


Valerie Bottazzi Llc is committed to protecting your data in accordance to Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


The processing of personal data is carried by Valerie Bottazzi Llc. only for the following purposes:

  1. i) Provide requested services
  2. ii) Provide information and/or offers about events, products, services or initiatives promoted by Valerie Bottazzi Llc. or by its partners, without this resulting in transfer of data to third parties

iii) Perform market surveys and marketing studies

iv) Cooperation with the competent judicial authorities for purposes related to the prevention and suppression of crime


The above-mentioned data is collected and stored on computer means. You can request cancellation of your data at any time by sending an email to or you can also send a written request to the following address: Valerie Bottazzi Llc. – 373 Glenridding Street, Las Vegas, NV (89183), United States of America

The data is processed by Valerie Bottazzi Llc and its associates who have received the necessary and appropriate information. The processing of your data is done legally and fairly, for specified, explicit and legitimate, purposes not exceeding the purpose for which they have been collected.


We inform you that the disclosure of information is necessary for the delivery of the services requested; failure to provide the necessary information, as well as conferring partial or inaccurate information, will result in preventing the timely delivery of service. Moreover, Valerie Bottazzi Llc. will: communicate your personal information to people, companies or entities for evaluating quality of services; for market research, for commercial and promotional purposes, to advertise products or services, to people, companies or entities that engage in banking and financial services; to people, companies or organizations that perform work or services of any kind as part of the contractual services and services for collections, payments, bill management, checks and other titles (note: for the payment of services by credit card, the data communication takes place automatically by choice of the User). You can assert your rights according to GDPR, by contacting us regarding the data processing sending an email to or by sending written notice by registered mail to the address: Valerie Bottazzi Llc. – 373 Glenridding Street, Las Vegas, NV (89183), United States of America

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Last updated May 25th, 2018