2018 May 19th to May 27th

If you know you were meant for more, if your personal compass is no longer fulfilling your longings,

if you are tired of going at it alone, feeling depleted most of the time…then this is for you!

Join Valerie Shakti Bottazzi in a luxurious transformative celebration of life in  Tuscany!

Imagine waking up to the warm Tuscan sun filtering through your windows, while laying in bed listening to the song of birds welcoming the spring.

You stretch and relish the soft feel of the silky sheets caressing your legs as you cherish the Italian bucolic timing that has already gotten under your skin…. you discover yourself lingering with no rush to get started.

Imagine feeling the perfume of lavender as it whizzes by you and realizing that you are up for the wonders of a day in this land of sensual eating and joyful hearts, with every one of your practical needs taken care for you, and where your only goal is relaxing and connecting with your soul’s compass.

Figure yourself spending 7 nights and 7 days in magical uplifting Tuscany where you can balance your mind-body and soul.

Are achy and lethargic two words that describe how you feel lately?

If so you will not want to miss this week in Tuscany where days of relaxation paired with deliciously healthy meals and soulful activities will nurture you in Body-Mind and Soul.

Are you tired of never having time just for pampering yourself as if this request were something out of this world?

We get it! Imagine taking a bath in the farmhouse’s hot-tub overlooking infinite expanse of vineyards as they merge into the skyline of soft rolling hills and olive trees

If you are longing for connection we got you! Our days will be a smooth harmony blending in sisterhood sharing time with reflection moments so that you can put your feet up and be cocooned by the surrounding nature and love-field.

So why should I be coming?

You will learn how to:

  • honor your needs,
  • the importance of saying NO,
  • let go of limiting beliefs,
  • and how to prioritize activities that nourish and replenish you,

so that you may once again feel energetic and ready to take on what comes your way.

You will return home with a whole new lease on life and a clear sense of who you are:

  • through the intimacy and support of a group of like-minded women,
  • through the love and communion experienced in wisdom circles,
  • through a heartfelt journey of pampering and sharing.

If you are ready to give yourself a break and honour who you are, right here right now, JOIN US in a one in a lifetime transformative experience in Tuscany!


Just imagine….As you roam through the rooms of the centuries old villa you are enchanted by its Tuscan decor elements. You leisurely  wander outside and notice the stone façade that glorifies the countryside overlooking onto a breathtaking panorama set amidst vineyards and olive groves.

We will be staying in a Villa central to the Tuscan countryside in the Chianti Classico area, between Florence and Siena, the first one known as the “cradle of the Renaissance” and the latter being the “paradigm of a medieval city”. What a treat!

The interiors of the Villa are typical of Tuscany’s rural architecture, with floors in handmade Florentine red brick and exposed-beam ceilings. The elegance of tradition of this Tuscan homestead has been reinvented to coexist with today’s modern luxuries and services such as the pool and the private wellbeing suite.

The Villa consists of two buildings: the main house, where the guest rooms are located, and a second facing building furnished and organized as a large veranda dining area for breakfast, lunch, and dinner hosting some of our sisterhood gatherings.

Guestrooms are each unique and with a personality, albeit all of them tastefully decorated and with services such as private bath, mini-bar, air-conditioning and safe. Satellite TV, Internet and phone services are available in every room even though I don’t expect for us to be doing much use of them!


The aroma of the “Tuscan mamas” home made farm-to-table breakfast treats is nudging you gently into getting out of bed and walking into the nurturing atmosphere of love and acceptance of your newfound sisterhood.

Fulfilled from the soulful and healthy meal you are ready to wander through the vineyards overlooking rolling hills and filling your eyes with memorable sights as your heart skips a bit… you’ve made it, you have given yourself the gift to relax and re-connect with your soul’s compass.

The “Tuscan mamas

will come to the villa daily to cook mouth watering meals that you may savor indoors enveloped by the glass pane surrounding views, or outdoors, with the morning dew on the vines perfume enhancing your palate.

Your eyes will be wide open trying to take it all in, as you taste your choice of freshly squeezed zesty orange juice with toast and home made jams or just out-of-the-oven crusts and pies with Italian “espresso”awakening your body… and your soul.

Or if you are a hard core healthy veggie eater, your choice of vitamin filled mouth watering juice blends with juicy pears and colorful watermelon.

Can you taste the freshly picked figs paired with Tuscany’s salty local prosciutto served as an appetizer before a plate of warm and “al dente” pasta with “pomarola” made of garden picked tomatoes and basil?

Vegan, vegetarian, or “everything I see I eat diet”, there will be plenty of delectable choices to make it difficult to chose from!

After 7 days of eating healthy, farm-to-table, to-die-for meals, you are going to be re-energized and ready to incorporate your new-found eating habits into your busy life (PLUS you are going home with some awesome recipes!).


Join us for this wondrous week in Tuscany and let us CELEBRATE together the sisterhood that will journey with you on this heartfelt transformative experience.

Give yourself a break as you learn how to honor your needs, the importance of saying NO, and how to prioritize activities that nourish and replenish you so that you may once again feel energetic and ready to take on what comes your way.

Your will experience the power of creative vision boards and the loving exchanges within sacred circles amidst and incredible scenery of colors, perfumes and sounds.

During our time together we will welcome magical inspiration as we share sacred rituals that will soon have you steering your life in the direction of your dreams and newfound passions, and the importance of celebrating life every single day!

Imagine loosening your muscles during a day at a Tuscan spa where the pools of sulfur waters surrounded by rolling hills and a blue sky are a nurturing balm for your body and soul.

Feel the spring breeze on your skin as you take a solo walk through the vineyards at sunset as you absorb the transformation going on within and without as you atone you to your body’s needs, grateful as the tools you’ll learn will guide you towards a new balance of Mind-Body and Soul.


How will I benefit from all this?

Through the intimacy and support of a group of like-minded women, you will return home with a whole new lease on life and a clear sense of who you are.

You will experience inner peace that is innate within you. With this newfound centeredness you will recognize your true value and will be ready to ask for what you need approaching others in ways that will leave them happy to give back to you.

You will come away with a new found self-love and acceptance, having let go of limiting beliefs through the heartfelt journey of pampering and sharing with a group of soulful sisters.

Vibrant and alive, you will have an action plan ready to implement to manifest the life you always knew you could have.

You will return home having found your true compass through meditation and visualizations in the wondrous atmosphere of Tuscany natural enclaves, uplifted by your newfound zest for life and carrying with you new tools to help you courageously stay the course.

By the end of the retreat, you will:

  • have contacted your true compass recognizing your greatest gifts;
  • you will have identified your unique core set of qualities, values and passion and
  • will have a new set of tools

to help you in living a healthier fulfilling life in line with your heart’s truths.


  • Arrival airport pick up in Rome as describer in Flight information
  • 5-star Tuscan Villa accommodations double occupancy seven nights (yes, the possibility for single bedroom is available limited to 2 places premium price)
  • Seven Tuscan Mama’s home made delish breakfasts
  • Celebratory welcome dinner at AnoniMa-X including Tips
  • Farewell dinner together at La Giostra Florence including Tips
  • Dinner at Restaurant “La Mossa” right smack in Piazza del Campo in Siena including Tips
  • 4 amazing farm-to-table Tuscan homely dinners
  • 1 Tuscan cooking lesson and dinner and take home recipe booklet!
  • 6 nourishing body-mind lunches either at the villa or out and about
  • Amazing day at the Spa Terme di San Giovanni including a 1 hour massage of your choice!
  • Transportation to and from the activities outside the Villa
  • Tour guide for our day in Florence
  • Entrance fees to any sites we visit together in Florence and Siena
  • Transport to the hotel in Florence on Saturday 27th of May 2018
  • 1 night double occupancy at The Westin Excelsior 5 star hotel in Florence


  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Any wine you purchase at the winery visit
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Tips at the SPA for your individual masseuse


If you want to come earlier or stay later for some exploring – call Ales Struna (pronounced Alesh) our travel planner extraordinaire. He works magic and can help you organize wonderful alternatives and ensure that you actually end up at the villa at the right date and time! Feel free to ring him at +1866.866.5566.

You must arrive into ROME on May 19th and depart on May 28th, 2018 after breakfast. If you arrive to a different airport than Rome you are on your own to get to the villa.  We will have two airport pick-ups for the group if group larger than 8, otherwise 1 airport pick-up at 4 pm, arriving on May 19th – at 2 and 4pm ONLY IN ROME. NOTE: If you are not arriving in time to be on those transports we can help you arrange your own taxi to the villa (at your cost).

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